Open All Files: File Viewer App Reviews

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Didn’t work at all

Just showed gibberish

Didn’t open my file

this didn’t open my files

Does not work

Does not open any type of files what so ever.

Need to Capture Older File Formats

This is a very good app for viewing a wide variety of files. Unfortunately for my needs, it falls just a bit short. We have older scan files from the early formats which have apparently gone by way of the dinosaur. Could you please see if a viewer can be added for the old Visioneer PaperPort (.max) so that I can recover some archived files? Thanks!

Excellent and works exactly as described

Simple and easy to use. Drag and drop files to the "Open All Files" window to view file contents. I had success with PDF, Word DOC & DOCX, Excel, PowerPoint PPT & PPTX (scroll and view all slides), JPG, RAW, GIF, PNG, ICS, PAGES, ODT, TAR, TXT, TIFF, ZIP, RTF, MOV (playable), m4a (playable), mp4 (playable), mp3 (playable). Whislt some files are not designed to be viewed the application recognized certain file types even if it cannot view them. Sure there are some proprietary file types like Visio VSDX or other Visio template files, that it is not currently capable of displaying but for the most part this is an awesome little viewer that can be used in a pinch to view almost anything. Obviously with some caveats of course, it can’t view absolutely everything biut does most everyday files you will likely use apart from some specific applications. Having tried and used many viewer apps on multiple platforms I can say that this utility is a gem worth having on your system. I’m impressed with its capabilities.

Please Add Preview Support for Microsoft Publisher files

I gave this three stars because I downloaded it specifically to open a MS Publisher file. I could see the text (including all the hidden characters used for formatting), but no formatted output in the Preview tab. I will try this app again when I need to open a strange file but, for now, its 3 stars.

It didn’t work for me!

This file didn’t work for me. I waste of time. I hope that I can delete from my computer.

Useful tool

Every file can display its information, and almost all the file information is displayed. This function is very useful for me, and I don't have to worry about finding a file again.


didn’t open my file



Fantastic File Viewer Utility

Not only does it open nearly any file type as advertised but it gives a handy information tab for detailed file application information and metadata. Not surprisingly, it didn't correctly format Wireshark dump files (with the .pcap extension) but I'll definitely be using this application quite a bit and the price is right.


has opend both raw file types i have, .orf and .cr2, hasn’t failed yet on other types. good to go, thanks..

This app is no good

Fix it so it can actually open files as advertised.

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